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Basketball Rules


The Richland Youth Association Board of Directors, hereby known as the "RYA Board", will govern RYA Basketball Rules.  All Rules contained herein will be adhered to.  Rule changes pertaining to Section J "General Playing Rules" and Section K “Draft Guidelines" will be voted on by certified Basketball Coaches and approved by the RYA Board.  Final determination, Interpretation, and application of the rules will be at the discretion of the RYA Board.  As in other Sports, only the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct are expected of players, coaches, parents, and others associated with the basketball program.

Since the gyms are private property, we MUST make an extra effort to take care of these facilities so the Basketball Program can be continued and possibly expanded in the years to come.  Only coaches and players will be allowed on one side of the gym: parents and spectators on the other side.  ABSOLUTELY NO DRINK WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE GYM. TEAM SNACKS AND DRINKS ARE TO BE DISTRIBUTED TO PLAYERS OUTSIDE OF THE GYM. No spectators will be allowed on the gym floor at time outs or half time. Any infraction of the rules will be cause for expulsion from the gym.

A. Coaches Responsibility

1.   It is the responsibility of each coach to obtain sponsorship, to participate in all fundraising Activities as set forth by the RYA Board, to actively participate in coaches' meetings, and to be responsible for the care and return of all equipment issued to his/her team by RYA.

2.   It is the responsibility of each coach to comply with all rules set forth by the RYA Board failure to do so may result in disciplinary action as outlined in Section B below.

3.   It is mandatory for all RYA coaches to be certified. Effective January, 2000, RYA has established its own NYSCA Chapter. It is the responsibility of the Head Coach to inform all assistant coaches when certification classes will be held. You may contact the Chapter Director through the RYA Basketball Commissioner.  All Coaches not certified are required to attend a one-day clinic class.  The cost is $20.00. If a Coach is a Life Time Certified Member then you pay $20.00 to the NYSCA Chapter person in charge and you do not have to attend a class. You must see the NYSCA Chapter Director to get your basketball card, even if you already renewed in another sport. EVERY COACH MUST COME BY ONE OF THE NYSCA CLASS SESSIONS.

4.   All coaches will be asked to show verification of his/her NYSCA Certification by wearing a clip on ID tag. Any Head Coach or Assistant Coach who is not wearing their ID Badge will be asked to sit in the stands for the duration of the game. Failure to comply with this request may result in disciplinary action as outlined in Section B below.

B. Disciplinary Action

1.   The RYA Board has the authority to suspend or discharge any PLAYER or COACH whose conduct is in violation of the RYA Basketball Rules and/or the NYSCA Code of Ethics.

2.   When a COACH is ejected from a game, he/she will have to sit out the next game.  The Basketball Commissioner will determine whether there is a need and time for the RYA Board to hear an appeal before the next game.

3.   When a PLAYER is ejected from a game, he/she will sit out for the remainder of that game.

4.   In the event that a grievance is brought to the RYA Board, all parties must be notified of the meeting. Any notified party that fails to attend will forfeit their right to the grievance procedure.

C. Registration

1.   Dates, times, and place of registration will be set each year by the Basketball Commissioner.

2.   The registration fee will be set by the RYA Board prior to registration.

3.   Upon registration, all players will be separated into Leagues based on age:

BANTAM (5 & 6 years old)
JUNIORS (7 & 8 years old)
INTERMEDIATE (9 & 10 years old)
SENIOR (11 and 12 years old)


4.  This is a request league. Teams are allowed to bring their own rosters. Players that have not requested a team or coach will be drafted to a roster with availability.  

5.   Requests of parents to not allow their child to play for one (1) particular team or coach will be honored.  The coach on that particular team will not be allowed to draft that player.

6.   Any player who during their first year of eligibility in any League, leaves their assigned team prior to the end of the season and desires to play basketball the following year, must return to their originally assigned team or drafted team. Any exceptions must be at the Basketball Commissioner's discretion

7.   Any player registered to play will not be put on a team unless the fee has been paid and parents or guardians have signed the RELEASE FORM.

8.   Hardship cases must be presented to the basketball Commissioner before draft. A determination on such cases will be made by the Basketball Commissioner.

D. Late Registration

       1.   Cut-off for late registration is approximately one (1) week from the last advertised registration date. Late registrations will go in the blind draw if there is room in the League.

2.   All leagues will draw late registrations from a blind draw, if there is room in the league for more players AND there is more than one (1) player in the draw.

3.   No player will be assigned after the blind draw.

4. There will be no late registration if all teams have a complete roster.

E. Refunds

1.   Any player who does not want to remain on the team that he/she has been drafted will be given a full refund if their uniform has not been ordered. If the uniform has been ordered the cost of the uniform will be deducted from the refund and the player given his/her jersey to keep.

2.   If a player lists a team on his/her registration form that they will not play for, and is drafted by said team and desires not to play for said team, that player will be given a refund or placed In a blind draw.

3.   All refunds must go through the Basketball Commissioner, who in turn will notify the Treasurer.

F. Conduct of Coaches

1.   The Basketball Commissioner and/or Vice Commissioners of a given league will have the authority to stop any game at any point, and for any reason which they consider necessary.  Participating Coaches have no say in the termination of a game.

2.   Coaches will not contest judgment calls made by the officials. All calls made by officials will stand unless, after consultation with his/her co-officials, they decide to change the call.

3.   Coaches will not harass officials; any coach who violates this rule will be subject to action by the RYA Board.

4.   Coaches will remain in the bench area as described in the Texas University Interscholastic League Rules (a copy of this will be located at the RYA Office or with the Basketball Commissioner).

5.   Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players as well as the player's parents and guests.

6.   Each Coach may be assigned the Vice Commissioner responsibility at their gym and  be  notified of the dates seven (7) days in advance by the Basketball Commissioner.  Any Coach failing to appear for their assigned date will be suspended from the next game.

7.   Coaches may be replaced during the season if violations are reported to the RYA Board in writing or email and the Board feels such action is necessary.

8.   Coaches will have the opportunity to protest any infraction of the general rules within one hour after completion of the game and must submit a written protest within 24 hours to the RYA Board via email. A $25.00 deposit is required to file a grievance. If the infraction is overturned, the $25.00 is refunded; if the infraction is upheld, the $25.00 is retained by RYA.

9.   Coaches are responsible for checking to see that all players are age appropriate for their league. Coaches are also responsible for obtaining copies of birth Certificates noted and turning them into the Basketball Commissioner.

10. Coaches must notify the Basketball Commissioner of any player who drops out for any reason. Any player who drops out will be contacted by the Basketball Commissioner or Vice Commissioner of the league to determine why that player dropped.

11. Head Coaches in any League will not be allowed to move to another team in the same league. Example: Head Coach on Junior Bulls first year, second year wants to move to Junior Celtics.


G. Practice Sessions

1.   No practice sessions of ANY KIND will be held prior December 1. Violations of this rule shall be reported to the Basketball Commissioner and/or RYA Board, who will then take the appropriate action.

2.   No more than three (3) organized team activities per week will be held. The Basketball Commissioner, according to the gym availability schedule, will assign practice time of one (1) hour on half a court dependent on court availability. The team can schedule one (1) additional of up to two (2) hours by obtaining gym space Independent of the RYA Basketball Program.

3.   There will be no practices or games on Sunday.

H. Coaches Assignments

1.   Teams will be assigned to the returning Head Coach. If the returning Head coach drops his team prior to the draft, then the team will pass on the preceding year's Official Assistant Coach. If the Official Assistant Coach does not take the team for any reason, then the team will be offered to the next coach on the waiting list with the most seniority in the RYA Basketball Program.

2.   Expansion teams will be offered to certified coaches on the waiting list based on seniority in the RYA Basketball Program.

3.   Seniority will be determined as follows:

a.   Total number of years Certified Coaching (Head or Assistant of any kind) in RYA Basketball program.
b.   Total number of years Certified Coaching (Head or Assistant of any kind) in other RYA sports programs.
c.   Total number of years Certified Coaching (Head or first assistant of any kind) in other sports programs.
d.   RYA Board will vote to make choice.
e.   Coaches bringing in an entire roster will be allowed to coach the team regardless of seniority.

4.   There will be a "Declaration Day" on a date determined by the Basketball Commissioner prior to the draft date to determine Head Coaches and their approved Coach's Options for each team in each league. No Coach's Options may be taken from another team after this date.

5.   If it becomes necessary to reduce the number of teams, the head coach of a team with the least seniority will be eliminated: unless another coach of the league Involved voluntarily vacates his/her team.

6.    The Head Coach must participate in 80% of practices and scheduled games or loose seniority and/or face disciplinary action by the RYA Board.

7.   The Official Assistant Coach must participate in 60% of practices and scheduled games or loose seniority and/or face disciplinary action by the RYA Board.

I. Player Participation

Each player, except for disciplinary reasons, illness, and/or injury, will be required to play at least eight (8) minutes of a game. Upon conclusion of the third quarter, the scorekeeper will inform the officials and coaches of each team who has not played for eight (8) minutes. Any coach not playing all players will be subject to a three (3) game suspension. Violation of this rule during playoffs will result in a forfeit eliminating the violating team from the playoffs. Continued violation of this rule will result in action by the Basketball Commissioner and or RYA Board.

J. General Playing Rules

1.   All players must wear their team jersey.

2.   Only Tennis shoes are to be worn on the playing court; no all black soles.

3.   Basketball Sizes

a.   Bantam / Junior 27.5” Size 5
b.   Intermediate 28.5” Size 6
c.   Senior 29.5” Size 7

4.   Any team not ready to play at the scheduled time will forfeit the game.  All games will begin at the approximate scheduled time, not earlier, except by the Basketball Commissioner’s approval and coach’s agreement.

5.   Substitution of players is permitted however coaches are responsible for playing each player a minimum of eight (8) minutes per game. (Note Section I above)

6.   All games will be played under Texas University Interscholastic League Rules except as noted herein.

7.   Each team will have three (3) full timeouts (45 seconds) and one (1) 20 second timeout per game. If the game goes into overtime, each coach gets one (1) 45 second timeout. If a coach calls a timeout after using all his/her time outs it will result in a team foul.

8.   Games will consist of four (4) eight (8) minute quarters, with a five (5) minute halftime and 45 seconds between quarters. The first three (3) quarters of Bantam, Junior, Intermediate and Senior games will have a running clock (stopping only on shooting fouls, injury, or instruction by official); the fourth quarter will stop an all whistles: Bantam NEVER (except for TO and injury); Junior LAST 2 MINUTES; Intermediate LAST 4 MINUTES; Senior LAST 4 MINUTES.  In all leagues/divisions the clock will continue to run any time a team’s lead is twenty (20) points or greater and will not stop for any reason other than official time outs.  If the lead is reduced to nineteen (19) points or less then the clock stops are resumed according to the league/division
which the game is being played.

9.   During regular season games, there will be one (1) two (2) minute overtime period if needed to prevent a tie game. Each team will have one (1) timeout during the overtime period, lasting 45 seconds. At the conclusion of one (1) overtime period, if the score is still tied, the tie will stand and be recorded in the official team standings.

10. The home team will furnish one person as a scorekeeper and the visiting team will furnish one person as a timekeeper. They will be assisted and supervised by the League Vice Commissioner or someone designated by the league Vice Commissioner. All scorebooks must be signed by the head coach of each team immediately upon conclusion of the game. Any team who has not signed their scorebook will forfeit the right to protest any aspect of the game, score, dock, etc.  Any discrepancies will be settled at the sole discretion of the Basketball Commissioner or the
League Vice Commissioner in attendance. The coach of each team is responsible for making sure that the score in the scorebook is readable. If the Basketball Commissioner cannot determine the winner of a game, the score will be recorded as a tie in the official team standings.

11. Goal Height

a.   Bantam League will play on a goal height of eight (8) feet.
b.   Junior League will play on a goal height of nine (9) feet
c.   Intermediate and Senior Leagues will play on regulation goal height of ten (10) feet.

12. Free Throws

a.   Bantam will shoot free throws from the first hash mark, Junior will shoot from the 2nd, and Intermediate will shoot from the last mark before the free throw line.
b.   Senior will shoot form the regulation free throw line.

13. Fouls

a.   Team Foul: On the seventh team foul per half, a one-on-one Bonus exists.  On the tenth foul of a half, a two shot Bonus exists.
b.   Personal Fouls: Each player is allowed five (5) fouls before they are eliminated from the game.
c.   Lane Violations: Three (3) seconds for Senior.
d.   Five (5) seconds for Junior and Intermediate. No lane Violation time limit for Bantam.

14. Full Court Press

a.   Bantam: Not allowed
b.   Junior: last two (2) minutes of the game
c.   Intermediate: last four (4) minutes of the game
d.   Senior: last four (4) minutes of the game
e.    Penalty:  warning by official on first offense.  On a second offense in Intermediate and Senior Divisions, a technical foul will be assessed.  No technical fouls for backcourt press violations in Junior.
f.   Full court press is allowed in all overtime periods in all leagues except bantam. Any team, in any league, who has a score of ten (10) or more points over the opposing team, will not be allowed full court press for the duration of the ten (10) point advantage.
g.   Any team losing two (2) or more players will have their team roster reviewed by the Basketball Commissioner.

K. Draft Guidelines - All Leagues are request leagues

1.  Time and place of the draft will be left to the discretion of the Basketball Commissioner fur the utmost convenience and benefit of RYA.

2.  The Basketball Commissioner will be in charge of the overall draft and will be responsible for rule interpretations and procedures.

3.  Total registration will determine the number of players on a team.

4.   All teams will be composed of no less than seven (7) and no more than ten (10) players.  Numbers in excess could necessitate formulation of an expansion team.

5.   Each team will be allowed two (2) representatives at the draft table, designated by the Head Coach.

6.   No draft will be held until all teams have a Head and/or Assistant coach present.

7.   The draft will begin with the announcement to the Head Coaches as to their returning players.

L. Coaches Options – 2019 Season

1.   Each team is allowed to bring up to the maximum number of players that the registration numbers allow.

2.   Coaches will draw numbers to find the order of the draft.  There will be no trading of draft positions.

3.   Draft: will be first to last, last to first etc.

4.   All players will be drafted by name, number and age.

5.   All brother/sister options shall be drafted in the sixth (6) round and/or any even round thereafter.

6.   Coaches may draft from either age group but no more than the age quota dictates.

7.   In order for a Coach to declare any option for his/her team, other than their own child (Paragraphs L2 & L3 take precedence), he/she must present a letter to the Basketball Commissioner signed by the parents of that player before the draft begins.

8.   No Trading of players will be allowed. Any exceptions must be approved by the Basketball Commissioner and the RYA Board.

9.   Drafting for expansion team (5) will be as follows: Draw like everyone else.

10.   If the Head Coach has a child, that child will be the Coach's option. If the Head Coach leaves the team during the season and/or does not return the following year, and his Coach's option does return to the same team, he/she Is still considered an option on that team.

11.   If the Assistant Coach has a child, that child will be a Coach's option. If the Assistant Coach leaves the team during the season and/or does not return the following year, and his Coach's Option does return to the same team he/she is still considered an option an that team except as noted in paragraph 4 below.

12.    Any player already drafted onto a team will be considered as a returning player, not a Coach's Option unless they were a Coach's Option to that team the previous year.

13.   All requests will try to be honored if possible.

14.   The final choice of a player being placed on a team is the head coach’s.

15.   Coaches will draw numbers to find the order of the draft. After draft: numbers are drawn; there will be no trading of draft positions.

16.   If a coach does not have a coach's option available because of returning option from the previous year, his child is automatically his first round draft pick.

M. Trophies and Tournaments

1.   A single elimination tournament will be conducted after the season is concluded.

2.   No tournament or championship game will end in a tie. There will be overtime periods as outlined in paragraph 38 continuing until the score is no longer tied at the end of an overtime period.

3.   Championship trophies will be given to the two teams playing in the championship game.


In case of a tie for any place finish in the regular-season standings, the following tie-breaking procedure shall be followed in order to seed teams in the playoff brackets.

Playoff Seeding is determined by the following, in order:

1. Results of head-to-head competition during the regular season.

2. Point Differential (From tied teams Head to Head Games ONLY)

3.  Point Differential (Total for all games)

4.  Points Allowed (Total for all games)

5.  Points Scored (Total for all games)

6.  Coin Flip

P. RYA No Tolerance Policy

1.   RYA will have zero tolerance attitudes towards any rule infractions in any sport, especially if it is maliciously done to prove a point that is In anyway detrimental to the safety of the children
involved. Any coach, parent and or children involved in such acts are subject to a suspension
until the Board of Directors meet to discuss the matter and involved parties are given the
opportunity to speak in front of the board. If the given parties do not come in front of the board the punishments will stand as given and will have a certified letter sent explaining the actions taken against them.

2.   RYA will have a zero tolerance towards verbal and physical altercations of coaches and/or parents or other guests of the players. The Head Coach of any team involved in a physical or verbal altercation, is subject to an immediate coaching suspension from practice and games until the matter is resolved, no matter who said the first statement or threw the first punch.

3.   A Coach or parent who has a complaint with another Coach or parent should follow the chain of command according to the NYSCA Handbook.

a. Head Coach
b. Vice Commissioner of the League
c. Commissioner
d. NYSCA Coordinator
e. RYA Board of Directors
f. Director of the City of North Richland Hills’ Park and Recreation Department.

All complaints should be made in writing. The RYA Board's may be contacted by e-mail. E-mail address can be found at If e-mail contact is not possible, the Coach or parent can mail their complaint to RYA PO Box 820571, North Richland Hills, TX 76182.