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1. CONDUCT - Any manager or assistant coach ejected from a ball game will submit a written report explaining the ejection to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE within 48 hours or prior to the next scheduled game, whichever occurs first. Penalty for ejection will be the remainder of that game and the next game (scheduled or make-up). The next game suspension may be appealed to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. If the offense is of a serious nature, the RYA Board may suspend the offender for one (1) year or longer. The RYA Board decision will be final.

2. Each manager shall agree to abide by the decisions of the RYA Board and shall cooperate with them in providing a wholesome recreational program for players. All managers shall agree to abide by RYA's Code of Ethics.

3. Each manager shall maintain a positive rapport between the RYA Board and his team.

4. Each manager will be responsible for selecting and utilizing his/her assistant coaches, as well as their conduct. Each manager is accountable to the RYA Board. Each manager is responsible for the conduct of his/her parents and coaches and can be disciplined for the conduct of his team’s parents and coaches.  Likewise, the parents and assistant coaches shall also be held responsible for their respective actions/conduct and can be disciplined as well.

5. Prospective managers and assistant coaches are strongly encouraged to attend coach look.

6. Prospective managers must complete a form reflecting their interest in serving as the team's Head Coach and pass a background check. The RYA league director shall approve all managers. The RYA league director shall select a sole head coach (not assistant coaches) as manager.

7. Each manager must notify his or her respective League Director or Vice Commissioner of his or her Primary Assistant Coach and optionally a Secondary Assistant Coach. This notification must occur the day of the draft (if known at that time) or no later than opening day. The Primary Assistant Coach will be responsible for the team in the absence of the Manager.  The manager and all assistant coaches are required to fill out a coaching application and background check, there shall be no exceptions.  The Board reserves the right to deny any prospective manager or assistant coach the right to coach a team upon review of that individuals background check.