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We Need Your Help!

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RYA has a great Concession Stand, with hot food, cold drinks, and lots more, including plenty of healthy choices. We rely on volunteers to provide this service for our players and families.

Concession Stand Information

The stand could not run without volunteer help! 

  • Shifts last approximately 3 hours, or until we close.
  • If you know you cannot make your shift, it is your responsibility to either send someone in your place or trade for another shift. Try trading with someone on your team, or with someone scheduled for the same week as your shift.
  • Please remember that if you do not show up to work, there is no one there to do it. We count on the scheduled people to be there.
  • For safety and health reasons nobody under 16 can not be in the stand at any time.
  • If you are truly unable to make your shift due to an emergency, PLEASE let us know ASAP:

RYA Concession accepts Credit Cards for your convenience - $5.00 Minimum