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Football Rules

RYA - Fall Football Rules

RYA Football Rules will be governed by the RYA Board of Directors hereby known as “The Board”. Any rules contained herein will be adhered to; rule changes pertaining to Section L, “General Playing Rules”, and Section M, “Draft Guidelines” will be voted on by certified football coaches and approved by the RYA Board. Final interpretation and application of the rules will be at the discretion of the RYA Board. As in other sports, only the highest standards and conduct are expected of players, coaches, parents and others associated with the football program.


Section A





RYA will have a zero tolerance attitudes towards any rule infractions any rule infraction in any sport, especially if it is maliciously done to prove a point that is in any way detrimental to the safety of the children involved. Any coach, parent or child involved in such acts are subject to a suspension until the Disciplinary Review Committee and / or

Board of Directors meet to discuss the matter and involved parties are given the opportunity to speak to the Disciplinary Review Committee and / or board. The punishments will stand as given and will have a certified letter sent explaining the actions taken against them.

  1. It is required and recommended that any complaints be given in writing. The complaint should follow the chain of command according to the NYSCA Handbook whenever appropriate:
  1. Head Coach
  2. Vice Commissioner of that League
  3. Commissioner of the Sport
  4. NYSCA Coordinator
  5. Disciplinary Review Committee
  6. RYA Board of Directors
  7. Director of the City of North Richland Hills Park and Recreation Department
  1. There will be no teaching of an illegal crack back block. 
  2. Any player lined up outside the interior line that comes back in motion must block the defensive player head up at the snap of the ball.

Section B


  1. It is the responsibility of the coach to obtain sponsorship and participate in all RYA Fundraising and Cheerleading activities as set forth by the RYA Board.
  2. Coaches are also required to actively participate in all meetings, field maintenance, and are responsible for the care and return of all equipment issued to their team by RYA.
  3. It is the responsibility of each coach to read / know and comply with all Rules set forth by the RYA Board. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action as outlined in section C below.
  4.  A team fee check is due on or before Draft date: Coaches are required to submit their checks in order to obtain their current year’s roster. If a coach is unable to obtain a sponsor at this time, the coach will be asked to submit a post dated check to RYA for the amount of the team fee. The coach will then have until the date determined by the Football Commissioner to find a sponsor for their team and / or repay the fee with fundraising profits. If the coach is unable to repay the fee using one of the above mentioned methods, by the determined date, the coach will be notified that his check will be deposited as the team fee for his team. (The Football Team Fee is $200.00 per team for Spring Season and $250.00 for the Fall Season).
  5. All excess sponsorships money will be turned into the Football Commissioner or the RYA Treasurer for account ability before being returned back to the team.
  6. Head Coaches are responsible for all excess sponsor money. All Funds are to be reported at the end of the season as to what the money was spent on via the Income / Expense Report (completed by the Team Mom or Coach) to the Director of Team Moms / Fundraising.


Section C

Disciplinary Actions:

  1. The Commissioner and / or Vice Commissioner for the league have the authority to suspend or discharge any player, coach or spectator whose conduct is in violation of the RYA Football Rules and/or the NYSCA Code of Ethics. The player, coach and / or spectator discharged must leave the premises at the time of the ejection.
  2. When a player, coach, or spectator is ejected from a game, that person will have to sit out the next game.
  3.  All disciplinary actions will be reviewed by the Disciplinary Review Committee. The Disciplinary Review Committee will determine whether there is a need for the RYA Board to hear an appeal before the next game and will notify the individual of the date and time.
  4. In the event that a grievance is brought to the RYA Board, all parties must be notified of the meeting. Any notified party that fails to attend will forfeit their right to the grievance procedure.
  5. If a Coach returns to his team and then walks away so that an assistant coach from a lower league can benefit in taking on that team as Head Coach, he and the lower league Coach will face disciplinary action from the Football Commissioner and/or the RYA Board. It could involve disciplinary action in other sports at RYA.
  6. Every team will have at least one day/night of concession stand duty during the season. This day/night is scheduled by the RYA Director of Volunteer Services. It is the Coaches responsibility to make sure their team is represented during their scheduled time. Should a team not meet their assigned concession responsibility the team will forfeit their next scheduled game. Any schedule conflict must be communicated to the Director of Volunteer Services as soon as possible but no less than one week prior to the scheduled concession assignment.


  1.  All Protests / Appeals require a $50 fee at the time of the protest / appeal. The $50 is to be given to the Commissioner / Vice Commissioner at the point of protest. If the protest is overturned, the $50 is refunded. If the protest is upheld, the $50 is retained by RYA. All protest / appeals must occur within one hour following the end of the scheduled game.


Section D


  1. Dates, times and place of registrations will be set each year by the Football Commissioner.
  2. The Football Commissioner, prior to registration, will set the registration fee.
  3. Upon registration, all players will be separated into the following age groups:


  1. Bantam Division
    1. Ages 5, 6 and 7 yrs of age. Cutoff date is as of August 31 of the current calendar year.
  2. Junior Division
    1. Age 8 and 9 yrs of age. Cutoff date is as of August 31 of the current calendar year.
  3. Senior Division
    1. Ages 10, 11 and 12 yrs of age. Cutoff date is as of August 31 of the current calendar year.

Players who will be going into the 7th grade will NOT be allowed to play during the fall season. But can play during the spring of the current year.


Birth Certificates must be presented at the time of registration and / or received prior to the final weigh in date.

This includes returning players.


  1. Players 12 Year olds that are in the 7th grade, whether attending public or private school or attending home school, will not be able to play at RYA. (If the player is 12yrs old and is in the 6th grade he is allowed)
  2.  Any player who does not want to return to their last year’s team and so states on their registration form and/or has a letter from his/her parents stating such will be placed into the Blind Draw.
  3. Request of parents to not allow their child to play for one (1) particular coach will be allowed. That coach will not be allowed to draft that player.
  4. Any player during their first year of eligibility in any league that leaves their assigned team prior to the end of the season and desires to play football the next year must return to their originally assigned team even if he is a 2 or 3 year player for that division or be place in the Blind Draw. If a player is as an option from the Blind Draw, the original team will be given compensation for that player. (I.e. Original drafting team still has the player draft rights from previous years and must forfeit their first round draft pick.)
  1. Any player registering to play will not be put on a team unless their fee has been paid and a parent or guardian has signed their ‘Medical Release Form” and the “Parents Code of Ethics”. (Unless covered by the RYA hardship program)
  2. Every player (new and returning) must be weighed and measured before the draft by the Commissioner and / or Vice Commissioner (for that league) If a weight is not recorded by the pre-determined Final Weigh in Date, that player will be placed in the Blind Draw. The Football Commissioner must view all late weigh-ins. All players with no weight recorded will have an X until the next weigh in.


Section E

Late Registrations:

  1. Cutoff for late registration will be determined by the Football Commissioner. These late signups before draft will be added at the draft.
  2. After the draft all leagues will draw late registration players from a Blind Draw. The Football Commissioner will set this date with all Head Coaches from each league invited for the Blind Draw.
  3. No Player will be assigned to a team after the Blind Draft, unless their team reaches 13 or fewer players. In this case, the Commissioner will allow late registration to bring the team to 13 or above with another blind draw.


Section F

Refunds (Effective April 2010):


100% refund of registration fee paid

A refund of 100% will only be issued if a particular league within the sport you registered your child in did not have an adequate number of players registered to fill the league and all other options to accommodate your child have been exhausted.


Refund of registration fee paid minus $10 administrative fee

A refund of the registration fee paid minus a $10 administrative fee will be issued if the refund is requested at least 24 hours prior to the first scheduled draft of the season registered. This will be applied to any draft scheduled for the season registered and not necessarily the draft for the age group the child is registered for.



50% refund of registration fee paid

A refund of 50% of the registration fee paid will be issued if the requested refund is received after the child registered has been drafted to a team. Also, a refund will only be authorized after written confirmation from the Head Coach and/or Team Mom of the players assigned team that there are no fees owed to the team due to uniforms already being ordered. If any fees are owed to the team for the uniform then those fees will be deducted from the 50% refund to be issued.

NO refund issued

  • There will be no refunds authorized once the first games for the season registered have commenced. This includes Pre-Season/Exhibition games.
  • If a refund is requested and will be issued then it will be issued in the form of a check, regardless of how the registration was paid for.
  • No refunds can be carried over to future sports registrations. All refund requests will be issued in accordance with the above criteria within 2 weeks of approved request.
  • All refunds must be requested in writing to the current sports commissioner of the sport you are requesting the refund in.
  • No requests will be granted or reviewed if not sent to the commissioner in writing. Verbal refund requests will not be honored.





Section G


Conduct of Coaches:


  1. The Football Commissioner and/or Vice Commissioners of a given league will have the authority to terminate any game at any point, and for any reason which they consider necessary. Participating coaches will not have any say in the termination of the game.
  2.  Coaches will not contest judgment calls made by the officials. All calls made by the official will stand unless, after consultation with his co-officials, decides to change the call. If the participating coach wishes to protest a game, the protest will be subject to the rules set forth in “Section C”, Disciplinary Actions.
  3. Coaches will not harass officials. Any coach who violates this rule will be subject to action by the Commissioner and / or Vice Commissioner, Disciplinary Review Committee and / or RYA Board.
  4. Coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players as well as any spectators for the player.
  5. Coaches may be replaced during the season if violations are reported to the RYA Board in writing, and the Board feels such action is necessary.
  6. Coaches who wish to contact referees during the game will call time out and then request one of the referees to come to the sideline. Contact with referees shall not be for discussion of the plays already ran: but the clarification of rules or request clarification of to the infractions on future plays.
  7. Coaches must notify the Football Commissioner of any player who drops out for any reason. The Football Commissioner or Vice Commissioners of that league will contact the player to determine why the player dropped out. Players being held out of practice and games due to injury must present a doctor’s release to the coach and commissioner before they can return to play again.
  8. During a season, the Head Coaches in any league will not be allowed to move to another team in the same league as a Head Coach. (I.e. Head Coach on the Sr Bears first year wants to move to the Sr Jags as the Head Coach)
  9. No alcoholic beverages shall be consumed before, during or after practices, games or team functions in the presence of players. (Violation of this rule will result in immediate suspension from coaching at RYA.)



Section H

Practice Sessions:


  1. No practices of any kind will be held prior to the draft and team assignments. Violations of this rule shall be reported to the Football Commissioner and/or the RYA Board who will then take the appropriate action.
  2. No Less than 3, and or no more than 4 outings per week (this includes games) will be held.
  3. Practices Hours for all leagues are 2 (two) hours.
  4. Practices May be held on Sundays after 2:30pm, unless there is a game scheduled for that day.
  5. On rainy days no practice will be held on the Football fields except with the Football Commissioner’s approval.
  6. The Football Commissioner will assign practice areas at Richfield Park, or a team may find its own location or an alternate location may be assigned. If a team is not practicing onsite at RYA, they must inform the Commissioner of their practice location and schedule. All offsite Practice locations should have sufficient lighting and rest room facilities.


Section I

Game Scheduling:

  1. Games will be played on Saturday or Sundays (after 230pm) and on Weekday evenings.
  2. The Football Commissioner will draw up the schedule of games. Schedules are to be made to allow each team to play every team in its own League/Conference. Any games postponed will be rescheduled at a later date by the Football Commissioner.


Section J

Coaches Assignments:


  1. Teams will be assigned to the returning Head Coach. If the returning Head Coach drops his team prior to draft, the team will be passed on to the preceding year’s First official Assistant Coach. If the first official Assistant Coach does not take the team for whatever reason, then the team will be offered to the second official Assistant Coach. If neither assistant takes the team then it is offered to the next coach on the waiting list with the most seniority.
  2. Expansion Teams will be offered to coaches on the waiting list, top seniority on down. Head Coaches cannot slide over to take an expansion team in the same league they coached the prior year.
  3. Seniority will be determined as follows:
    1. Total number of years certified coaching via NYSCA, RYA Chapter (Head or Assistant of any kind) in RYA Football.
    2. Total number of years certified coaching via NYSCA, RYA Chapter (Head or Assistant of any kind) in any other RYA Sports.
    3. RYA Board will vote to make the choice.
    4. As of 01/01/2010 all coaches, head or assistant, who had seniority but have not coached a sport at RYA (Football, Baseball, Basketball, or Cheerleading) for two consecutive years will no longer have seniority in said sport. Example: Someone coached baseball in 2007 and did not coach baseball in 2008 and 2009. If he or she wants to coach in 2010 they have no seniority and must start over.
  4. If it becomes necessary to reduce the number of teams, the team with no returners will be dissolved first. Then the Head Coach with the least seniority will be eliminated second: unless another coach of the League involved voluntarily vacates his team.
  5. Head Coaches must participate in 80% of scheduled games and practices. He cannot hold on to a team for the sole purpose of letting a lower League Coach with less seniority take the team. If said coach vacates his team under these conditions, then he and the lower seniority coach may be subject to disciplinary actions by the RYA Board.
  6. Assistant Coaches must participate in 60% of games and practices in order to be considered a 1st or 2nd assistant coach for taking the team over the following year.





Section K


Player Participation:

  1. All players on each team will play a minimum of 6 downs per half in every game: except in the case of disciplinary actions, and injury or illness. It is mandatory for the Head Coach or designee to ensure plays for each player is documented with the 6 play tracker form in the event this rule is challenged. Note: Kickoff and Kickoff receiving plays are considered a down. A coach must notify the Football Commissioner and/or Vice Commissioners if a player is not playing for any of the above reasons. This includes playoff games and Super Bowl.
  2. If any coach is in violation of the above playing rule, whether intentional or accidental, that coach will be penalized as follows:
    1.  FIRST OFFENSE – Play the individual player or players one-half of the next game, unless the player is unable to play due to injury
    2. SECOND OFFENSE – Same player or players must play the entire next game, unless the player is unable to play due to injury
    3. THIRD OFFENESE – Same player or players, the Head Coach will lose his assigned team.


Section L

General Playing Rules:

  1. Each player shall have a helmet with a face guard: shoulder pads: mouth piece, tail, hip, thigh and knee pads, practice pants, and a team jersey. Wearing of mouth piece is required at all times (practice and games) Official Football shoe or tennis shoes may be worn on the playing field. NO FIBERGLASS, METAL, OR REMOVABLE / DETACHABLE CLEATS ARE ALLOWED. Coaches are encouraged and have the right to inspect all equipment prior to every game, and can require a change on any equipment found to be faulty and/or unsafe, or of such poor quality as to endanger a player’s welfare. (The commissioner may do an equipment check before the start of the first game of season to insure compliance.)
  2. Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes after the schedule starting time of the game will forfeit the game. All games will begin at their approximate schedule time, not earlier, except by the Football Commissioner’s approval and coaches’ agreement.
  3. Substitution of players is unlimited (note Section K rule 1 above).
  4. All games will be played according to UIL rules except as noted herein.
  5. Each team shall have three time outs per half: each time out may last one minute.
  6.  All games in all leagues will use the regular UIL Clock of 8 minutes per quarters.
  7. The official timekeeper shall be the referee or his designee and this will be the official time.
  8. The home team will furnish three adults to carry the chain and down box for each game. The home team will also furnish one adult to run the score board. At no time will a coach of a playing team be allowed to do this. Home team will be the team closest to the score board. (A chain crew from the home team may be appointed by the commissioner to perform these duties at all home games of that team.)
  9. In the Bantam Division, two certified coach will be allowed on the playing field during the game. In the Freshman Division, One Certified Coach will be allowed on the playing field during the game. Each team’s coach that is on the field will remain behind the back most player on their respective team after the offensive team comes to line. Valuation of this rule by either team will cost that team a time out.
  10. In the Bantam Division each team will start their offensive position, after a score by the opposing team, at their own 30 yard line. All other Divisions will kick off as normal.
  11. During a game if one team is ahead by 18 points or more the leading team’s coach cannot call a time out after the 2 minute warning (in the 4th quarter). Should the leading team’s coach violate this rule the penalty will be to forfeit the ball immediately to the opposing team. (That’s if the leading team has the ball.)
  12. If a team is ahead by 30 points or more at the beginning of the second half or at any time during the second half, the clock will continue to run, until the lead is less than 30 points.
  13. The following point system will be used for extra points:
    1.  Any legal forward complete pass…….2 points
    2. Run for extra point .…………………….1 point
    3. Kick for extra point ……………………..2 points



  1. In the event of a tie at the end of the game the following tie-breaker system will be used:
    1. Overtime will begin with a coin toss. Both teams will receive two offensive possessions, both beginning on the 10yard line.
    2. Each team will receive two timeouts to be used during the overtime period, 1 per possession.
    3. Total yardage will be monitored during the overtime period (by the commissioner or Vice-commissioner of that division.)
    4.  A fumble recovered by the defensive team, or interception, will result in a live ball situation, and the recovering team will be permitted to advance the ball. (I.e. if the offensive team loses possession of the ball on any down of the overtime period that offensive possession is over)
    5. If the first team scores on its first possession and converts the extra point on a running play the second team will have the option to tie the game and go to the second possession.
    6. During the second overtime possession the team losing the first coin toss now has the option of choosing offense or defense for their second possession. If the team with first possession scores and converts the extra point on a running play the second team must score and pass for 2 points to win the game. (Second team cannot attempt to tie the game in second possession)
    7. If both teams score on both possessions without converting any extra points then the total yardage in both possessions will be the tie breaker.


  1. Any team losing two or more players will have their team roster reviewed by the Football Commissioners.
  2. All Parents and spectators will remain back 15 feet from the side lines (end zone to end zone) and remain out of the end zones. (Coaches will be penalized 15 yards for un-sportsman conduct rule violation)
  3. All Coaches for each team will remain between the 25 – yard lines.



Section M

Draft Guide Lines (All Leagues):


  1. Players will be in three categories as follows:
    1. Returning Players – Players going back on preceding year’s team.
    2. Draft Players – Players moving up from other leagues and new players.
    3. Blind Draft – (1) Player wanting off last year’s team (will be drawn at draft) (2) players not weighed in (will be drawn at draft) and (3) late registration (will be drawn after draft).
    4. Time and place of the draft will be left up to the Football Commissioner for the utmost convenience and benefit of RYA.
  2. The Football Commissioner will be in charge of the overall draft and will be responsible for rule interpretations and procedures.
  3. Total registration will determine the number of players on a team. Total number of players of any one age cannot exceed 9, unless after final registrations there are more older per team than Younger per team in the Division. (The commissioner and his vice-commissioners will determine the final number before or at the beginning of draft) This also applies to Coaches Options. For example: if a team has 9 returning older players, that team will not be allowed to take any older players or older options. No Exceptions.
  4.  All teams will be composed of no less than 14, and no more than 16 players, if possible. Number in excess could necessitate the need for an expansion team.
  5. Each team will be allowed two representatives at the draft table, The Head Coach and his Official Assistant Coach. (Both coaches must be listed in the online data base as coaches for their team, and must be NYSCA Certified) Each representative will be considered an official head/assistant coach and their child must be taken as an option. There will be no swapping of coaches at the draft table once the draft has started. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  6. No draft will take place until all teams have a Head and or an Assistant Coach present. (The commissioner or his Vice commissioner will draft for that team if they are not present)
  7. Coach’s options shall be turned in to the Commissioner or Vice Commissioner no later than one week prior to the draft or by the end of the Coaches Look Camp. No Exceptions.
  8. Draft order will be determined by selecting numbers from a hat.
  9. The draft will begin with the announcement to the Head Coach as to their returnees.
  10. All returners will be placed on the draft board starting in round 2.
  11. All options will follow the returners on the draft board.
    1. Commissioners will request and announce returners and options for placement on the draft board.
  12. Each team will be entitled to five options. At no time will any team have more than five. An Assistant Coach with a son or daughter option must be an active coach approved by the Football Commissioner.



All fall draft guidelines will apply with the exception of the following:

  1. All players may request the coach they wish to play for.
  2. Each coach will only be allowed 14 request
  3. All other players that do not request a coach will be placed in the draft pool and a draft will be conducted.
  4. If at any time there is a conflict between coaches, of where the player chooses to play, the football commissioner will contact the player’s parents and make a determination. If no resolution is found the player will be placed in the draft pool.









Section N

Coaches Options:

  1. Each team shall have three (3) Coaches Options to be placed on the draft board starting in the 4th round to the 2nd round. If the coach has 3 options those options will be placed in the 4th, 3rd and 2nd. If coach has returning options then of course he will only be allowed the appropriate number of options minus his returning options. All returning options will be placed on the draft board with returnee’s to that team.
  2.  If any of the coaches have a child, that child will be the coach’s option. If any of the coaches leave the team during the season and/or does not return the next year, and his Coach’s Option does return to the same team, he/she is still considered an option to that team.
  3.  Any player already drafted to a team will be considered as a returnee, not an option unless he/she was an option to that team the year before.
  4. Coaches will draw numbers to find the order of draft. After the numbers are picked there will be no trading of Draft positions.
  5. Draft order will be first to last, then last to first and so on. (snake)
  6.  All players will be drafted by their age, registration number, and name.


  1.  Any player returning to or drafted to a team, who has a brother/sister in the same league will be drafted on the same team. (The older player must be drafted first with the younger player being a brother/sister option.) If a player is being taken as a coach’s option and that player has a brother/sister in the same league, the older player MUST be taken first.
  2.  All brother/sister options will be taken in the next even round. Brother/sister options do not apply to cheerleading for football purpose.
  3. Coaches may draft from either age group, but no more than nine (9) of one age group. No Exceptions. (the number will be determined by the commissioner prior to start of draft)
  4. If a Head Coach does not have an option available (because of returning options) he must draft his child or his official assistant coach’s child in the first available round.
  5. In order for a coach to declare a Coach’s Option for his team, other than their child, the Coach must present an official RYA Option letter signed by the parents no later than one week prior to the scheduled draft. Option letters for new players to RYA or players moving up must be turned in by the coach to the Football Commissioner or Vice Commissioner for that league no later than the close of the Coaches Look camp. Option letters not turned in by the deadline will not be accepted. Handwritten letters or printed emails will not be accepted at any time.
  6. NO trading of players will be allowed. The RYA Board must approve any exceptions.
  7. If a Coach takes a player from another team as an Option, that Coach gives up their first draft pick to the team the player is coming from.
  8.  Teams can only take one player off another team but only if they have an available option open. If an assistant coach or parent elects to leave their assigned or drafted to team voluntarily the following year and takes their child from the previous year’s team, He must give up his 1st round pick for his child as compensation. The only exception is if RYA asks said coach to take a team in order to help out the league. No compensation will be required in this case.
  9. If a coach has acquired two (or more) first round picks because of a player or player(s) being taken from his team as options then he can pull 2 players (not from the same team) provided he has the option(s) available and gives up the acquired first round pick(s). No one team may take more than one player from another team at any time.
    1. Players may request to be placed on a specific coach’s team. This request will be honored. The only time it will not be honored is if the team being requested already has 14 players. At such time the coach will choose the players they wish to have on their team and the others will be available to be drafted.

Section O

Weight Limits:

NOTE: The intended purpose of the RYA weight limit is safety

  1. A weight limit is required for those in the backfield or at end positions on offense for blocking, receiving a pass, or running the ball. The use of Linemen who are over the backfield weight limit for the following purposes are NOT permitted:
    1. Carrying the ball in play from the line of scrimmage.
    2.  Moving back from the line of scrimmage or restraining line for the purpose of receiving a kick.
  2. Exceptions to any over the weight limit player carrying the ball are as follows:
    1.  A kick-off return (must be on the front receiving line within 15 yards of the football being kicked off, the player will not be allowed to move backwards or jump in the air for the intended purpose of receiving the ball.)
    2. Pass Interception
    3. Blocked punt recovery
    4. Fumble recovery
  3.  An ‘X’ on the back of their helmet will identify all over weight players by the first game.
  4. Any player with an ‘X’ on their helmet may kick off, but cannot advance the ball, except as noted in section N2.
  5.  Any player with an “X’ on their helmet cannot punt the ball or kick an extra point.
  6. Backfield and/or end positions weight on offense shall not exceed the following limits (weight taken at registration)
    1. Bantam Division - Weight limit is no more than 75 lbs.
    2. Junior Division - Weight limit is no more than 100 lbs.
    3. Senior Division - Weight limit is no more than 130 lbs.



During the football season, all teams are required to have each player on their roster re-weigh a minimum of two times. The Football Commissioner will set the dates for the weigh–ins. If a player exceeds the weight limit, an ‘X’ will be put on his/her helmet until the next scheduled weigh-in. If a player does not weigh in, at the preset times, an “X’ will be placed on their helmet until the next weigh-in.


  1. A defensive player who exceeds the above offensive backfield weight limit for their league, shall play no further than five yards from the line of scrimmage until after the snap of the ball. A ten yard penalty will be assessed for the violation of this rule.
  2. If a referee determines a player with an ‘X’ on the helmet picks up an intentional fumble or receives a handoff and attempts to advance the ball, the ball is ruled dead and the play ends.





Section P

Trophies and Awards:

  1. Super Bowl Winners will receive the ‘Championship’ trophy.
  2. The runner up team will receive a ‘runner up trophy.
  3.  All other teams will receive a participation medal.


Section Q

Play Offs and Super Bowl:

  1. It is the conviction of the RYA Board that the interests of the youth of our organization can be best served by utilization of a ‘playoff’ in all leagues, rather than any post season games with neighboring leagues. As a result of this conviction shall be known as ‘Super Bowl Concept’.
  2. The RYA Super Bowl Champions for each league will be crowned by means of a playoff at the end of the regular season play.
  3.  All regular season games played will be counted toward the final league/division standings.
  4. The Playoff system will be determined by the Football Commissioner based on the numbers of teams in each league. This will be announced at the draft.



Section R

Pro Bowl:

  1. Championship coaches will be the Head coaches for Pro Bowl and any Tournament Team. All other coaches will be assistants.
  2. Coaches will vote on Pro Bowl teams according to the guide listed below with the 23rd and 24th players being a coaches pick:
  1. Six Team Division:
    • 1st and 2nd place – 9 players
    • 3rd and 4th place – 7 players
    • 5th and 6th place – 6 players
  2. Eight Team Division:
    • 1st and 2nd place – 7 players
    • 3rd and 4th place – 6 players
    • 5th and 6th place – 5 players
    • 7th and 8th place – 4 players
  3. Ten Team Division:
    • 1st and 2nd place – 7 players
    • 3rd and 4th place – 5 players
    • 5th and 6th place – 4 players
    • 7th and 8th place – 3 players
    • 9th and 10th place – 3 players
  1. If for some reason the divisions consist of 5 or less teams, the Football Commissioner will determine how many kids each team can send to participate in the RYA pro bowl
  2. Pro bowl teams will play other area leagues to determine the “Area Champion”.


Section S

Field Maintenance:

  1. The Home and Visiting teams of the first game on each field will prepare the field for play. This includes setting out the yard markers, putting on goal post pads, turning on the Scoreboards and setting out the chain sets and down box.
  2. The Home and Visiting teams of the LAST scheduled game of the day will be responsible for storing all field equipment in the storage buildings.
  3.  All teams are responsible for cleanup of their sidelines at the end of the game.