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Game Times


1. The length of Baseball games for each division will be the lesser of innings or time limit as follows:

  • Pony, 7 Innings or 1 hour and 45 minutes;
  • Bronco, 6 Innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes;
  • Mustang, 6 Innings or 1 hour and 30 minutes;
  • Pinto, 6 Innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes;
  • Shetland, 1 hour

2. The games shall be played as follows:

a.    No new inning shall begin after time has expired. The bottom half of the inning will not be played if the home team is ahead after time has expired.

b.    No new inning shall begin after 10:00 p.m. local time on Friday and Saturday nights. For games Sunday through Thursday, the game shall end promptly at 10:00 pm regardless of the status of the game. If the game ends in any portion of an inning due to the time curfew and the home team is ahead at the conclusion of play, the home team wins. If the home team is behind at the conclusion of play, then the final score reverts to the previously completed full inning.

c.    A new inning begins immediately after the third out is recorded in the bottom half of the current inning. If there is any time left on the game clock when the third out is recorded in the bottom half of the inning, the next inning will be played. This excludes games that have played the maximum number of innings or games that have ended due to the run rule.

d.    No score shall be kept in 3-4 Shetland Division league games.

2. In the event that a regular season game is tied after the completion of the maximum number of innings, extra innings will not be played - even if time remains on the game clock.

3. In the event of inclement weather and affected games are rained out, RYA officials are authorized to reduce the time limit of games to facilitate completion of the game schedule.

4. All games will start as scheduled. The game clock will start at the scheduled time or 5 minutes after the completion of the prior game, whichever is later. If games are behind schedule, no field warm-up is permitted prior to the start of the applicable scheduled game. The official scorekeeper shall start the game at the scheduled time, unless otherwise instructed by a league official. League officials are the only personnel who may authorize start after the official scheduled game time or may reduce the length of the game in order to get games back on schedule. The decision to reduce the length of the game shall be made prior to the start of the game and the reduction shall not exceed 15 minutes

5. No player or coach shall intentionally slow play to run remaining time off clock. It shall be the coaches and umpire's responsibility to maintain the "normal" pace of the game.

6. Teams shall be allowed no more than 2 minutes between innings with the pitcher receiving no greater than eight (8) warm-up pitches. Coaches and umpires shall be responsible for maintaining the pace of play.

7. Rained out games may be rescheduled in the order in which they were rained out by the league scheduler at the earliest available time. The scheduler shall notify both involved managers when he/she determines the date and time of the game. Schedulers will consider the number of games per week played by each team in rescheduling the games.  During the Fall Season, rain outs are not typically rescheduled.

Footbal Game Times

All games in all leagues will use the regular UIL Clock of 8 minutes per quarters.

Any team not ready to play within 10 minutes after the schedule starting time of the game will forfeit the game. All games will begin at their approximate schedule time, not earlier, except by the Football Commissioner’s approval and coaches’ agreement.

The official timekeeper shall be the referee or his designee and this will be the official time.

In the event of a tie at the end of the game the following tie-breaker system will be used:

  • Overtime will begin with a coin toss. Both teams will receive two offensive possessions, both beginning on the 10yard line.
  • Each team will receive two timeouts to be used during the overtime period, 1 per possession.
  • Total yardage will be monitored during the overtime period (by the commissioner or Vice-commissioner of that division.)
  •  A fumble recovered by the defensive team, or interception, will result in a live ball situation, and the recovering team will be permitted to advance the ball. (I.e. if the offensive team loses possession of the ball on any down of the overtime period that offensive possession is over)

Basketball Game Times

Games will consist of four (4) eight (8) minute quarters, with a five (5) minute halftime and 45 seconds between quarters. The first three (3) quarters of Bantam, Junior, Intermediate and Senior games will have a running clock (stopping only on shooting fouls); the fourth quarter will
stop an all whistles. The first two (2) quarters of Super Senior games will have a running clock (stopping only on shooting fouls), and the last two (2) quarters will stop on all whistles. In all leagues/divisions the clock will continue to run any time a teams lead is twenty (20) points or greater and will not stop for any reason other than official time outs.  If the lead is reduced to nineteen (19) points or less then the clock stops are resumed according to the league/division
which the game is being played.

Any team not ready to play at the scheduled time will forfeit the game.  All games will begin at the approximate scheduled time, not earlier, except by the Basketball Commissioner’s approval and coach’s agreement

Substitution of players is permitted however coaches are responsible for playing each player a minimum of eight (8) minutes per game

Each team will have four (3)  full timeouts and one (1) 20 second timeout per game, each one to last 45 seconds. If the game goes into over time, each coach gets one (1) 45 second timeout. If a coach call a timeout after using all his/her time outs it will result in a team foul.

During regular season games, there will be one (1) two (2) minute overtime period if needed to prevent a tie game. Each team will have one (1) timeout during the overtime period, lasting 45 seconds. At the conclusion of one (1) overtime period, if the score Is still tied, the tie will stand and be recorded In the official team standings