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Player Selection

1. The draft process will select all individuals who participate in Rec Baseball and Football.  Basketball can bring entire team, draft only ran if teams need to fill spaces

2. All players will participate in a scheduled Coach Look. For those who do not attend coach look and are not deemed eligible for the draft, their names will be placed in a random draw.

3. All prospective managers who will be formally ranking players must participate in the entire coach look.

4. The League Director ,Vice Commissioner and Board members or others experienced in player evaluation will be available and shall be designated to assist the rank the skill level of prospective players at the coach look.

5. The specific content of coach look will be left to the discretion of The League Director and/or Vice Commissioners but should generally include stations for hitting, running, fielding ground balls and fly balls and throwing to a base.

6. An optional “pitch look” station will be available for players in the Mustang, Bronco, and Pony Divisions.  Players must be “warm” in advance of their turn in the pitch situations.