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Director of Special Events- Volunteer Services

My goal is to bring together RYA as one family, that support a common dream. That dream is to see our children have fun and be a part of a great organization, through increased advertising, more recognition from the city, and most importantly, RYA family events.

We, as an organization, are not here just to play sports, but establish lasting friendships, both young and old, through unforgettable memories.

I cannot achieve our goals alone.
I want to hear from you!!

We all have great ideas to make RYA the place to go, so send me those ideas!

I am also recruiting for an event team, if you are interested, send me a quick message!!

I look forward to hearing from you and putting our deam into action.

Interested in being a sponsor? I can help with that too!!

Go RYA !!


Blair Armfield