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Scoring Games

Purpose: To quickly add in the score of a game.

Step 1: Log In
Step 2: Select Edit Mode
Step 3: Navigate to the Team Page
Step 4: Select Game Schedule
Step 5: Select the Date of the Game

Step 6: Select Quick Score.

Step 7: Score the Game
Step 8: Select Save

To score a game using the Sport Ngin mobile app, do the following:

  1. Open the Sport Ngin app and tap on your team name or logo on the homepage. 
  2. Tap the Schedule/Results link. 
  3. Tap the game that you want to score. 
  4. Click the pencil icon in the upper right of the screen and select Score Game. 
  5. Change the status to In Progress. 
  6. Update the score by tapping the + or - arrows next to the score boxes. 
  7. Click Save to save the score and continue with the game. When the game is done, change the status to Final and click Save to finalize the score.